Q: Is On-site registration acceptable?
Answer: Yes, on-site registration will open from Oct. 16-19 at China National Convention Center(CNCC).

On-site Registration Open:

15:00-17:00 Oct 16 (Wednesday), 2019

08:30-17:00 Oct 17-18 (Thursday-Friday), 2019

08:30-12:00 Oct 19 (Saturday), 2019

Q: Can my colleague attend the conference instead of me? How to process it?

Answer: Yes, it is allowed. Please send an email to the Organizing Committee (cacie@ceaie.edu.cn) before Oct. 9, 2019 to confirm your replacement. Change request after Oct. 9, 2019 would not be accepted.

Q: Can I cancel my on-line registration?  How to process it?

Answer: Yes, you can. A confirmation email will be required to cacie@ceaie.edu.cn before Oct. 9, 2019.
CACIE Organizing Committee will process your refund in 10 Business Days after closing of the CACIE 2019. Cancellation request after Oct. 9 would not be accepted by the Organizing Committee. 

Q: If I am an exhibitor, do I still need to register?
Answer: No, you do not have to. 
Don’t forget to bring your CEE badge to the Conference.

Q: If I am a speaker, should I still need to register online?
Answer: Yes, online registration is required for speakers.

Q: Can I have the confirmation letter after online registration and remittance,?
Answer: Yes, you can. The Organizing Committee will send you the confirmation letter via email after we receive the remittance

Q: When should I remit after online registration, and how can I get the receipt?
Answer: After you complete your online registration process, CACIE Organizing Committee will send you a ‘Remittance Notice’ by Email. Please process your payment following Remittance Notice and online provide your Remittance Receipt to CACIE Organizing Committee. CACIE Organizing Committee will send you the Confirmation Letter following the payment. Payment receipt will be provided upon request.

Q: What should I do after I arrive at the conference venue?
Answer: If you have finished your online registration and received Confirmation Letter from the Organizing Committee, just come to the Registration Desk to obtain your badge and conference materials.
If you have finished your online registration but not paid yet, please process your payment at on-site Registration Desk first and then obtain your badge and conference materials. 

Q: How can I get the updated information of the conference?
Answer: Please visit CACIE official website: 
www.cacie.cn for updated information.