Theme of CACIE 2019

Education 2035: A Dialogue with the Future of the World


It has been widely recognized among the Chinese people that a vibrant education system is the foundation of the great rejuvenation of China as well as the necessary premise and important support for building a prosperous, democratic, culturally advanced, harmonious and beautiful country of China. China’s Education Modernization 2035, the first Mid-long term national strategic plan under the theme education modernization was released in early 2019, depicting a clear road to the future and a grand vision of the nation’s education modernization. By making China’s Education Modernization 2035, China is positively aligning its work with UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development through active participation in global educational governance and pragmatic contribution of Chinese wisdom, Chinese experience and Chinese solutions to the world education development.


The key to education modernization is the modernization of people. The basis and starting point of education in the future will also be the modernization of human resources, which takes the lead of the nation’s modernization. From the perspective of global development, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial revolution is in the making with major scientific and technological innovations leading new changes in social production. The development of new technologies such as internet and artificial intelligence is constantly reshaping the form of education, bringing about profound changes in the way knowledge is delivered and acquired, and in the relationship between teacher and students. People's diverse demands for higher quality, fairer and more individualized education have become more urgent than ever. Educators all over the world are looking to the future and thinking about what the future world requires of education. The direction of future science and technology development, the skills and characteristics of future talents, the modes and methods used in future education, and the roles and functions of future educational governance have all become the focuses of attention in the education circle.


It is high time for educators to seize the opportunity and make far-sighted plans to promote education modernization in a higher historical stance, with broader international horizon and more profound strategic visions. Through the realization of the comprehensive, sustainable and modern development of education, education can better serve the present society, shape the world to come, and create a better future for our next generations.


CACIE 2019 will focus on "Education 2035: a Dialogue with the Future of the World", and invite representatives from international education field, government agencies, enterprises and all sectors of society to share experiences and wisdom, discuss ways to achieve education modernization and draw a blueprint for the future of global education.