Education B2B 2021 BRIEFING

Acclaimed as the leading event for overseas institutions to expand their presence in the world's potentially largest market, CACIE builds a platform of Education B2B since 2011. It aims at linking domestic and overseas institutions to establish partnership and develop education programs for exchange and collaboration.

Education B2B serves as:

-A valuable networking opportunity with your like-minded counterparts
-A close contact with decision-makers from Chinese institutions
-In-depth discussion to explore future partnership


Education B2B 2021 Content


(1)  Education B2B Workshop

The workshop will focus on policy consultation, best practices & information sharing and joint-run programs briefing.


(2)  Education B2B Networking

This event serves as a platform for overseas education institutions to meet with their Chinese counterparts and discuss prospective collaboration opportunities. Due to limited space, we suggest a maximum of 2 representatives from each institution to attend the event. Besides, we provide online B2B appointment booking system to facilitate information processing between Chinese and overseas institutions.


Education B2B 2021 Schedule SCHEDULE

(The following schedule is subject to change with prior notice.)

Education B2B 2021 Session 

Date & Time: 13:30-17:00 Oct 22(Friday), 2021

      13:30-14:00 Education B2B Workshop  

      14:00-17:00 Education B2B Networking

Venue: Room 203, Floor 2, BICC

How to join Education B2B 2021

As an integral part of CACIE 2021, Education B2B 2021 is open to all CACIE 2021 registrants. If you are not a CACIE 2021 registrant, please register and complete the fee first.

For Chinese Registrant

- Complete your CACIE 2021 registration.

- Check the list of overseas institutions participating in Education B2B 2021 at the web.

- Make appointments with your targeted overseas counterparts via online B2B appointment booking system.

- Attend on time once the appointment matched.

- If you do not make online appointments, onsite networking opportunities are also available. 

For Overseas Registrant

Participation Guide (Overseas Institution) APPLICATION

●CACIE Participants (Non CEE Exhibitors)
As a value-added event of CACIE, Education B2B is open to all CACIE registrants. Representatives from overseas institutions including universities, colleges and other educational institutions need to register and submit table application online

●CEE Exhibitors
Each CEE Exhibiting Institution could apply for a B2B networking table online for free.

Online Application Process

STEP 1 Register online through the assigned portal.

STEP 2 Apply for Education B2B Networking Table and submit your institution information.

STEP 3 Once your application has been approved, the organizing committee will assign a table to you.

STEP 4 Login to your B2B account to check the appointment booking progress.


*Online table application deadline is October 15, 2021. (Unless booked out prior)

*B2B Exhibitors need to bring the badge to the event for entry admission.

*The online B2B appointment booking system is provided to facilitate efficient communication. Onsite free networking opportunities are also available.

*Eye-catching portable banner displays, promotion materials and table decorations are encouraged to increase your visibility.

*IBM Table Size: 1.83mL × 0.5mW × 0.75mH

*CACIE Organizing Committee reserves the right to application approval.