Dong Guanpeng

Professor Steven Guanpeng Dong is a political scientist, communications scholar, public policy consultant, public and international speaker, corporate strategy advisor, board member of listed companies, and an elected leader of the worlds largest national association of public relations. 

Prior to his current appointments at the CUC, Professor Dong was a founding board member of Tsinghua Universitys School of Journalism and Communication under Dean and Congressman Fan Jingyi, former Editor-in-chief of Peoples Daily Group and Chairman of the National Peoples Congress committee of Science,Education, Culture and Health. Prof. Dong successfully managed the Schools governmental and international affairs and fund-raising campaigns for the first 6 years. At Tsinghua, he was the Chair and Founding Director of Institute of Public Relations and Strategic Communications (IPRSC), as well as the Founder and Executive Director of Global Journalism Institute (GJI), a joint program run by Tsinghua and Thomson Reuters Foundation. Under his direction, GJI has worked with a number of leading global media organizations such as Reuters, BBC, Xinhua and China Central Television together to host over 30 international workshops and conferences in promoting the professional standard of journalism and transparent governance in China. He also made Tsinghua University an internationally recognized teaching and research center of professional PR and supported by globally renowned companies including Omnicom, WPP, Ogilvy, Hill & Knowlton,Ketchum, Porter Novelli and Blue Focus on joint programs. The Institute and Schools home building was named Omnicom Building by the top global PR and communications giant Omnicom Group. 

Professor Dong also holds visiting professorships at the Ashridge Business School, UK and Faculty of Communication Arts at the University of Bangkok. In 2018, he is awarded a permanent fellowship for innovation by the Eisenhower Fellowships in Philadelphia, USA.

Professor Dongs research interests and expertise involve politics of media, international communications, public relations and strategic communications in politics and business.