Zhu Chongshi

Prof. Zhu Chongshi was born in December 1954, in Fujian Province, China. He graduated from the Department of Economics of Xiamen University in 1982.


After graduation, Prof. Zhu began his teaching career at Xiamen University. In 1985, he traveled to Yugoslavia for advanced studies in the Department of International Economics at the University of Belgrade, and was then conferred a doctoral degree in Economics in 1990. From 1999 to 2000, he attended Boston University and Harvard University as a visiting Professor under the Sino-US Fulbright Foundation Program. His main research interests are Law and Economics, International Investment and International Investment Law.


From May 1995 to May 2003, Prof. Zhu served as the Vice-President of Xiamen University. From May 2003 to July 2017, he was the President of Xiamen University for fourteen years. Prof. Zhu is now a professor in the School of Law and Dean of the Belt and Road Research Institute at Xiamen University. His social affiliations include Chairman of the General Alumni Association of Xiamen University, President of the Zhu Zi Society of China and Vice President of China Education Association for International Exchange .