CACIE 2020 Plenary Session

Theme:Education Globalization: For A Community With A Shared Future For Mankind
Time:  October 21 14:00-21 17:00,2020

CACIE 2020 Plenary Session Playback:

The evolution of human civilization is a process in which countries around the world get more closely connected with one another and increasingly interdependent. Today, it has been well recognized that the whole world shares a common destiny with our fortunes more and more aligned. Peace, development and win-win cooperation have become an irreversible trend of the times. Facing a world that is challenged by unprecedented profound changes, a new solution, building a community with a shared future for mankind, was proposed by Chinese President XI Jinping in 2013 with an effort to promote world peace and development and improve global governance. The outbreak of COVID-19 all over the world at the beginning of 2020 has made us more aware than ever that we are in a community with a shared future and common goals for security, development, stability and prosperity. The situation calls upon us to act with greater sense of solidarity to build an open, inclusive and brave new world guided by the principles of extensive dialogue and consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits, win-win cooperation and green development.


Entering the 21st Century, with deepened economic and trade globalization, education globalization, as a growing and overwhelming trend, has promoted tighter educational ties and enhanced educational collaborations between different countries and regions. Featuring more vigorous openness, interactivity and interdependency, global education gradually develops into a deeply-integrated entity. The concept of building a community with a shared future for mankind comes along with new missions for international education exchange and cooperation and unprecedented opportunities for its further development. The global pandemic this year signals both a challenge and a warning to mankind. Educators should take prompt actions with broad visions and innovative thinking, and work together to explore effective approaches for the construction of a new era of education globalization development.


Under the theme Education Globalization: For A Community With A Shared Future For Mankind, CACIE 2020 will focus on hot topics such as international education cooperation in the new era, quality assurance of international curriculums, education reform propelled by online education and distance learning under the impact of the pandemic, and education globalization development driven by big data, cloud computing and other IT breakthroughs. We will invite representatives from education institutions, government agencies, enterprises and all social sectors to share experiences and wisdom, explore novel ways of international education development and draw a blueprint for the future of global education.